Each event is customized to fit your aesthetic. Mary gets know you and your needs to create a truly unique event design. The studio takes a select number events to be able to devote the utmost care to each client.

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Beyond composting and using eco-friendly methods, Persephone is committed to sourcing flowers from local farmers. Mary also looks to the landscape around her, foraging from her own small garden and waysides. In the months outside our local growing season, the studio relies on a local wholesale business. When sourcing flowers from the wholesaler, our buyer always ask for American grown flowers first.

The same is true when working at a destination. It takes special skill to source local flowers when you’re not a local, but Mary has a growing network of farmers around the country and world.

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When you book Persephone for your wedding, you get more than flowers or styling, you get an unforgettable experience. At Persephone we go beyond simply decorating a room, we create an intimate environment for you and your guests.

From unexpected floral archways to to lush table top arrangements, each Persephone design is created with care to insure the highest quality.

Photo: Anna Zajac


Meet Mary Simmons:

Mary is the heart and soul behind Persephone. She strives to make each floral design a work of art. Influenced by her background in oil painting, she painstakingly composes arrangements that balance texture, color, line, and shape, while reflecting nature’s wild, untamed asymmetry.

Mary opened Persephone in 2016. Originally based in Chicago, Persephone will be based in New Haven, Connecticut in 2020.

Because we truly believe that no distance is too far to find the perfect wedding flowers, we are now offering our services worldwide.

photo credit: Anna Zajac