Rose Hip

Today we are talking about another favorite fall accent: the rose hip! It's actually the fruit of the rose; what is left when Autumn roses have dropped their petals. It has a reputation for being difficult to work with (hello thorns!), but rose hips have a lovely wild bramble texture and shape with a bright red or orange bud.  The popular Rosa Rugosa variety are especially known for their rose hips.  Rosa Canina plants are well known for their rose hips as well, as it was believed that rose hips might provide a cure for rabies.  

Rose hips are edible, and you are probably more familiar with rose hip tea or jam than their ornamental use. Rose hips are high in vitamin c and may help with arthritis.  The rose hip has been popular for medicinal use since the Ancient Chinese and Greeks, and remained so until the early 20th century.  In fact, the rose hip was singled out as an excellent source of vitamin C during WWII, and the British used it to make syrups to send to the troops in order to ward off scurvy.  Who knew those little bulbs were so potent!



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Mary Simmons