Echinacea is not only a medicinal herb we drink to soothe a sore throat, but it is also a versatile flower from the daisy family. It is native to Northern America and blooms in late summer, producing cone flowers with purple, yellow, white or pink petals the fade to a caramel in the autumn and eventually fall off exposing a black pincushion center. I really excited and inspired to see florists such as Studio Modine and Amy Osaba use echinacea at all stages of it’s life, even after it’s petals have faded.

It’s the sort of thing many would pass over, but Echinacea, in fact, means “hedgehog” in Greek, referring to its spiky center. It’s cone is what defines it and I appreciate florists bringing out it’s unique beauty. I’ve definitely been looking for ways to incorporate it into my own work.



Mary Simmons