Symbolic Bridal Bouquet

Happy Friday,

Today I am so excited to share my first symbolic bridal bouquet! This is what I am most passionate about bringing to my clients. Each flower was selected for its specific meaning as it relates to marriage. There are many flowers that would work in a bridal bouquet, but I also let season and palette dictate the composition. Arrangements like these can be customized based on the flowers you like and the meaning important to you.

Some qualities, like love, need no explanation, so I won’t go into detail on why I selected those flowers, but others may be more puzzling. Following the picture clockwise, the bouquet contains:

  • Amaranth Globes - Unfading Love (these flowers are also known as Gomphrena)
  • Veronica - Fidelity
  • Sage - Domestic Virtue. I don’t think everyone should be a slave to their home. Just that one of the joys of starting a life together is creating a space to do that in.
  • Agonis - Love
  • Bridal Rose - Happy Love
  • Dahlia - Instability.  This flower meaning brings some realism to an otherwise idealistic bouquet. Marriage is never something your should take for granted, right? In my experience, it takes constant care; otherwise, it doesn’t flourish. I also wanted to include Dahlias since they are such a popular choice for brides.
  • White Majolica Spray Roses - I am worthy of you.  Yes you are!