Our New Logo!

Hello Friends,

You may have noticed we have a new logo! It was designed by our very own studio director, Mary Simmons. She chose specific flowers based on their symbolism to compose the garland.  Here’s what’s in the design:

1. Acanthus Leaves - Fine Arts, Artifice

2. Beech Leaves - Prosperity

3. Pomegranate Blossom - Mature Elegance

4. Cabbage (Rose) - Profit

5. Sweet Pea - Delicate Pleasure

6. Zephyr Flower - Expectation

7. Camellia Japonica - Unpretending Excellence

The symbolism of each blossom in this design holds special meaning us as artists.  Perhaps most importantly, Mary chose the pomegranate flower as a nod towards our namesake, Persephone.  

Wishing you a happy weekend!





Mary Simmons