Magnolia trees are a prehistoric flower, suspected to predate the existence of bees. They were pollinated by beetles instead (gross but cool?). Magnolias will always make me think of the South--those gargantuan trees covered with perfect waxy leaves and flowers are the dreamiest. They are the state flower of Mississippi and Louisiana, although they grow all over. Here in Chicago, they are among the first signs of spring. You can smell them on the wind--there is nothing like the feeling of hope it gives--hope that winter is almost over. We are so very grateful for the pink, white, and yellow star like blossoms that peak out of their winding branches.

There are too many different varieties of Magnolia to mention, but Greenaway sites two meanings. The generic Magnolia means “Love of nature” and the Swamp Magnolia means “perseverance.”

For your listening pleasure on this cloudy Chicago Friday, here is the song "Magnolia":



Mary Simmons