Pricing: The Break Down

Hello All!

Today I am continuing the topic of how to approach hiring your wedding florist, specifically as regards pricing. There is a lot of confusion around this topic because pretty much every florist prices differently. 

Does that mean some florists are reasonable and others are scamming you? Probably not and here's why: Our pricing is based on the cost of producing the product. Here are some factors effect the price:

  • The cost of goods sold (flowers, vases, tape, wire, ribbon, etc.)

  • the labor involved (large weddings require a large staff and more experience means higher pay)

  • overhead (studio rent, website hosting, advertising, transportation, etc.)

When it all breaks down, the price tag on wedding florals is actually pretty reasonable and the variation in prices makes sense. A company that has high overhead has to charge more, similarly if you are getting expensive flowers, it will cost more. So, when you are looking at two proposals from different florists with two different price tags, its likely that you won't get the same product from each. If one is very low budget, what is probably going on is that they are using economy flowers such as mums, carnations, and lilies, they aren't paying themselves fairly, or they have almost no overhead (i.e. they aren't a legit business). There's nothing wrong with the first one, but it might not match your expectations. 

Ok, let's say I'm working with a reputable business, but I'm not asking for a lot, a few bouquets and some bud vases here and there. My florist says I don't "hit their minimum."

What is a minimum and why do florists have them?

A minimum can be set in place for a few reasons. First, it is an indicator for what a bride can expect to spend on a typical event. Second, when we florists commit to an event, it means we are committing our precious time to that event--time that could be spent enjoying life or making more money. A florist pretty much only wants to commit if there is enough money in the budget to make a profit AND/OR there is no chance of getting a better opportunity.  A minimum ensures that each event we commit to will be profitable and not limiting. 

I hope this has been informative for brides who are experiencing sticker shock or just general confusion about how to navigate wedding planning. Let me know if you have any questions!







Mary Simmons