Form Art+Floral

Hello Again!

It has been a while, hasn't it? I wanted to share some pictures of the art exhibit I participated in for those of you who couldn't make it.

FORM is an collaboration of florists matched up with artists to produce work based on a set theme that is showcased in a one day event filled with music, food and beverages. Funds support  Snow City Arts -- an organization that brings professional artists into hospitals to work with children that are receiving long term care.

It was such a fun event, the art was amazing and it was so fun to have the opportunity to turn up my artsy side while working with florals. I took the opportunity to experiment a bit with hanging installations. Hanging installations are both really fun and super stressful. This is because hanging installations have such a big visual impact, but they also could fall on someone if I don't get all the details right. In the past I've relied on a company to hang for me because--YIKES. But at FORM I challenged myself to hang it on my own. And *yay* it didn't fall. 

Now about the art:

I was paired with photographer Noah Vaughn. He photographs dilapidated buildings in Chicago that are about to be demolished. He takes a mundane subject and uses a formal architectural style of photography. In response I created this hanging cloud of floral. I heard a lot of comments at the exhibit like, "how does this relate to the pictures?" Well, let me tell you. I chose to mimic Vaughn's treatment of the subject rather than the way his images looked. I used flowers that are familiar to us, much like the run down buildings we see all the time, but don't stop to notice.  Then I took them out of the typical context we see them in and re-framed them in a new light (hanging rather on the ground or in a vase) in an attempt to mimic Vaughn's formal treatment of a very informal subject. 

SO, enjoy!



All pictures are courtesy of Spoon Photography and Design: