The value of hiring a florist

Today I'm giving you a behind the scenes look at what goes into an event from my perspective, your florist.

Just last night I was joking with another florist about how we hate when people see us putting things together. I'm always a hot mess when I'm arranging or setting up for an event--literally sweaty, covered in dirt and petals, and standing in a puddle of water. It's not the image we like to project (although to be fair, I love the hard, dirty work of it as much as the beautiful end product). I often hear people say things like "your work is so effortless." I take it as a compliment and I'm pretty certain it is meant that way, but on the inside there is a little voice whimpering "it takes a lot of work to make it look effortless."  But I would never want a client to sniff a hint a stress on the day of their event. I want them to walk into their venue and it to feel like they walked into a wonderland where nothing bad exists.

So what does it look like behind the scenes?

I spend on average 30-60 hours of labor on each event. From client meetings, to sourcing flowers, to making the arrangements. Between 15 and 40 of those hours are put in on the 3 days surrounding and on the day the event, not to mention the clean up afterwards.  I'm not saying this to complain--I LOVE it.  (Ok, I'm not passionate about cleaning buckets and vases, but it's all part of the job.) My point here is to educate clients about where the price tag comes from. I try to be fair when I price an event, fair to the client and fair to myself and anyone I may hire to help with that event.  So let me walk you through my process from beginning to finish. I spend a few hours each morning answering inquiries, updating my social places, and doing whatever tasks need to be done that day, whether it's ordering flowers, sending out a proposal, or doing accounting. In the afternoon if I don't have an event coming up, I spend time with my daughter. When I have an event (lets say on a Saturday), I will spend a day processing the flowers: cleaning, hydrating, and getting them ready to be at their peak on Saturday. The next day I spend making the arrangements, for a large wedding (over 15 tables), I will hire freelance designers. Then Saturday is the big day, I load up the van (with help for large events), and then deliver and install the flowers. After the event either I or a hired strike team will dismantle, clean up your event and return my vases to me. Lastly, I clean my buckets and vases.

Now lets talk briefly about the value of hiring a professional

At the core of the Persephone brand is a desire to create a happy memory for you and your guests. When I work with a couple I want it to be a seamless experience, free of stress for the couple and their family. I believe it's possible for your wedding and the planning leading up to it to be an enjoyable experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. When you hire Persephone, you are ensuring that you will have the freedom to focus on whats really important: enjoying your day surrounded by friends / family / co-workers. I don't take it lightly that I will participating in one of the most important days of your life.  

I have spent years learning about flowers; from how to keep them alive, where to source them, to the mechanics of arranging them. I take great pride in my designs and consider my work an art. Ultimately, my clients value that they will be able to enjoy their day, knowing that they won't have to worry about a thing and trusting that their flowers will be stunning. 

Well thanks for being here, enjoy your weekend!




Anna in the dreamiest boho scene.

Anna in the dreamiest boho scene.

Mary Simmons