Here is a list of current and upcoming classes: 

May 19, 2018:  Basics of Floral Design Class

 Photo:  Anna Zajac

Photo: Anna Zajac

One to One

Mary is devoted to crafting unique and effortless floral arrangements and she wants to share her knowledge and expertise with both budding florists who want to learn the basics and seasoned veterans looking to adapt. 

One to one classes are geared towards professional florists and designed around your needs; this can include: bridal bouquet design, centerpiece design, large installations, archways, garlands, boutonnieres, color theory, sustainable business practices, and whatever else you are dying to know!

Spend a day with Mary in her studio learning mechanics and asking all your burning questions. One to Ones are priced at $500.00+tax for 4 hours and include lunch, flowers for you to take home, all the tools necessary.

Send Mary an e-mail here to set up your one to one. 


 Photographer:  Anna Zajac

Photographer: Anna Zajac

Private Classes

Persephone offers floral arranging classes for groups of 5 or more.  Classes are planned on an inquiry basis. Mary has done classes for Bridal showers, Valentines day parties, and just for fun! Vases, Snips, and flowers will be included in the price and are yours to take home. To book Persephone for your party, please click here.


 Photo:  Anna Zajac

Photo: Anna Zajac