Are you available for mock ups?

Unfortunately I am unable to offer mock ups while I transition into a new studio. I'll be providing them at cost per item in the future. 

Are you available for Travel?

Yes, travelling is a great passion of mine. I have arranged flowers in over 10 states and 3 countries. 

What is your pricing? 

That all depends on what you want. I can give you an accurate estimate once i know what you're looking for. Send me a message here to get to down low.

Do you sell bouquets for delivery?

I do not offer Deliveries. I only do events; I am, however, happy to Recommend some of my favorite brick and mortar florists. 

Will you provide Partial Wedding Flowers? 

In the interest of protecting my brand, I do not provide flowers to couples who are planning on getting flowers from another source (whether it be a friend or another florist).

I do provide Flowers for couples who just want personal Wedding Flowers (what the wedding party carries), This is for couples who are not having a reception or aren't using flowers at their reception. Find out more here.

Do you provide anything other than florals?

I provide candles, vases, tabletop notions, some structural elements (such as an archway), and a strike team for anything from my studio. I do not provide Planning, staging, draping, lighting, or linens. Feel free to ask for Anything else. I love to work with a strong team, so I'm happy to recommend vendors that do provide these services.