What does your booking process look like?

After an inquiry I try to respond within 48 hrs to set up a consultation. After the consultation I will send you an invoice detailing everything we talked about along with a simple visual concept board. Once you sign the contract and pay the 40% booking fee, I will make a detailed design plan and source all the materials and flowers. I will check back in 6 weeks before the wedding to confirm all the details and address and changes. You make the final payment 3 weeks before the wedding and then I'll deliver and install all the flowers etc. on the day of your wedding. 

When should I book you?

It's really never too early to book. My studio takes on a limited number of events each year, so our slots fill up fast. An added benefit of booking a year or more out is that I can tell my farmers what to anticipate for the next season. This means your flowers will be grown Specifically with you in mind. HOW COOL IS THAT? If you're late the the planning process, don't sweat it, we do take bookings up to 3 months before the event, but availability will be limited and you will need to be flexible on what flowers we can source. 

Are you available for mock ups?

Yes! Mock-ups are available are priced the same as they appear on your invoice. 

Are you available for Travel?

Yes, travelling is a great passion of mine. I have arranged flowers in over 10 states and 3 countries. 

What is your pricing? 

That all depends on what you want. I can give you an accurate estimate once I know what you're looking for. Send me a message here to get to down low. Alternately, you can see my services and minimums here.

Do you sell bouquets for delivery?

Yes, message me here to get info on my deliveries.

Will you provide Partial Wedding Flowers? 

In the interest of protecting my brand, I do not provide flowers to couples who are planning on getting flowers from another source (whether it be a friend, family member or another florist).

I do provide Flowers for couples who just want personal Wedding Flowers (what the wedding party carries), This is for couples who are not having a reception or aren't using flowers at their reception. Find out more here.

Do you provide anything other than florals?

I provide candles, vases, tabletop notions, some structural elements (such as an archway), and a strike team for anything from my studio. I do not provide Planning, staging, draping, lighting, or linens. Feel free to ask for Anything else. I love to work with a strong team, so I'm happy to recommend vendors that do provide these services.